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  Tourist  Visa support

To enter Belarus you need to have Belarusian visa. There are different kinds of visas, but the easiest one to get is the Tourist visa. Usual tourist visa is a one entry visa, allowing you to stay in Belarus up to 30 days.
You can get the Tourist visa in two ways:

1. By applying at any Belarusian embassy. At the embassy you should present the documents from a Belarusian travel company. The documents are voucher and invitation. Voucher is a paper that contains all services booked from a travel company (including hotel reservation, which is obligatory condition for getting tourist visa), the terms of stay in Belarus, and the price of the tour. Invitation for tourist visa can only be issued by the companies that are registered in Belarus as the travel and tourist companies. The invitation must have the name of the company, its legal address, license number, the name, the passport data & itinerary of those who are invited. It's written in Russian. Most (but not all) Belarusian embassies accept faxed copies of these documents to grant tourist visa. Besides, you should present there the filled out visa application form that you can download from our site and two passport size photos. These papers can be also mailed to the embassy. Usually visa is executed for about 5-7 days, express visa - within 2 days or less.

2. At the airport Minsk-2 on your arrival. There is a Consular Point at the airport Minsk-2 where they grant visas before passport control. In this case you need the original voucher and invitation to be delivered to the Consular Point by a travel company's representative half an hour before your plane landing. Our representative can bring the papers, meet you and transfer to the hotel or apartment in Minsk. This way of getting visa is very convenient for those who live far from the Belarusian embassy or are short of time.

Visa support price (voucher and invitation) – 65 euro


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